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Friday, March 21, 2008

Either dinner or mlm pragraduan?

Aku baru abis bersiap2 tok hari esok. Yes!! sok kitorang nk gi Kuala Gula..yey3.. Esok boley tido pepuas dlm bus~ (^-^) Hari ni juz nothing, coz duk uma n xwat pape pn..chat ngan budak kelantan yg aku xkenal. Hopefully she's allright now. I think she've something in her life. May Allah bless her whatever she done. Amin. Aku sekrg ni tgh merindu..Yup, miss my mother, my father, my younger bro, the youngest sis that i ever had. Miss them so much! Telefon umah rosak, so asyk xdpt bile call. Cedeynyer..

And, of coz i miss him right now. Did he miss me 2? I just like no one. He's will always not around now and even after we got married. Owh..really sad to think about that. Does i ready for that day? Ya Allah, Engkau kuatkanlah hati aku ni. Aku amat menyayangi dirinya. Andai inilah jodoh yg Kau tetapkan untukku, maka Engkau kuatkanlah hatiku ini untuk menerima dirinya seadanya. I know that it's not easy.. Either me or he..both we've know about it.. wuwuwuuwuuuu~ cedeynyer.. What can i do just pray for him so that he will be fine wherever he go..

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