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Thursday, December 17, 2009

bz? ;(

salam alaik wat all reader~

he's bz..


of coz la kan?
name pon da atas kapal
confirm byk keje..

hurmm...Align Center
i don't have anything 2 be done
only 1 assignment left there
then nothing 2 be worried about this course
we're almost done

we keep singing all over the day
esp for batch 1 that finished their course yesterday
what da funny performance~

but all of us enjoy it
nyanyi..nyanyi..nyanyi smpai sore serak
xmo kuar

penat rupernye jadi penyanyi ekk
ckp mcm pro je
padahal sore mcm katak puru jerk

we have nothing 2 do
watching movie..
i dont like this movie
i dont really like sport!!!

tgk aje laa..
pasneh kite kan bole balik awal kan kawan2?
da la xbole rehat ari ni
;p sumer lapaa..
including me..

lets go and hv our lunch 2gether guys!!


p/s: abg, sile keje dgn bersungguh2.. jgn boros2 kat atas kapal..
jgn byk merokok time tensi..jgn lupe contact syg taw..;)

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