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Friday, December 4, 2009

i'm collapse!

Salam alaik wat sumer ..

actually semalam da nk update this blog..
but too much probs comes around the corner
too many things to be done...

i just arrived at my aunt's house at 10 pm..
what pity..


but the script not finish at all
we just made the fish bone only!
yup, we need to settle it by this morning..
we have to present it by this afternoon..

owh, ya..
i want 2 share with u all pasal incident smlm

sy xfaham la..
kenapa ek?
sy ni seorg yg membosankan ke?
he is SLEEPING when i'm presenting!!!
what the s*** he is!!!!

udah la i was really shacking to give that presentation
but at the end, that tutor totally sleeping!!

i can't accept that fact!!!
Owh, Haiza already said that words when she was presenting
he just don't know how to appreciate other's effort!

sakeeet je ati tgk org neh!!

rite now,
I am in the ranging red moOd..
u know what does it mean?

after Jumaat, we have to present another talk show to that man!


p/s: hey man, cepat la berambos..Sharon, help us here!!!

very nice news 2me la..
loan uda diluluskan..
then, i need to go to Perodua by today or next monday to proceed with the downpayment

1 comment:

G-HaD's said...

im just ok with dat guy:p
i thought............what make u b collapse;p hahhaha

well azri..think +ve...just do it....dont care bout him...next week ANDY will come to help u...agagagga...
n congrte 4 ur loan..cant wait to test ur car...can i??

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