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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sOooo happy!!

i'm sOo happy..y? secrecto!! hahaaa~ the final Exam is comes around this last month? yea?? ya~~
but we're celebrate Our study weEk with camping and trekking again!! yes..probably this is our last camping together~ sobs~soBs~soBs~~cedeynyerr~

to my beloved Hubby yg x chubby2..i miss u very3 much..really IN LOVE with u~ wink~wink~

yup..thesisku x bergerak2..ianya statik, masih ditakuk lama..mengapa ia terjadi? adakah kerana aku gagal berjumpa dgn lectrku itu? adakah aku yg xmau jumper die..atau die yg terlalu cbuk??
no way!! i must see her right now!! i need 2 c her 4 my future..tolongla puan..sy dh lamer sgt xjmpe puan...

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