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Monday, August 25, 2008

MT Melati Dua

pemergian dia kali ini naik MT Melati Dua.. and for the first time, the Malaysia's ship was hijacked by the pirate... its make me truly sad and mad!!! he's on that ship!! I go through the internet and it was proven!! he's ship was hijacked by pirate!! The lastest, i got the called from his mom. She said so i don't be so sad~ (how can i???).. then i'm started crying again and again..

what i can do now is just sit dan pray..pray and pray again...
i don't know what i can do now..
but its really make me sick of missing him...
sick of thinking about his condition right now...
aren't the pirate is also a human?
he don't know about somebody else feeling?
aren't he have feeling too?
or he's robot??
shit!! its really make me mad when i'm thinking about this!!!

i just want to see he in the goOd condition..
i want to hear his voice..
what i want is totally he..

Ya Allah..
You is the ONE that can save him..
so..i p ut all of my hope with YOU..
pls save he for me..
for his parent..

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