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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dan air mataku menitis lagi..

Salam alaik wat sumer kawan2..

actually ari dah tgh malam sesangat ni sy rasa..
but, still i can't sleep yet..
i remember his words..
remember his smiling face..
then..i'm crazy in missing him.. :(

ari ni dia still ade di KL lagi..
then tomorrow he will go for Melaka n take ferry for Dumai, Indonesia..
what else can i say?
i miss him damn much..

totally worried..
so do him.. (i know it, syg)
maybe most of u xrasa lagi ape yg sy rasa..
kali ni sy rasa seakan hilang semangat bila die pergi belayar..
pas insiden hijacked by somalian pirate last yr..
i totally worried to let him go..

i know that how much he love to sailing..
i can't facing his sad face when he's with me..
just becoz he love sailing so damn much!

please back as u are..
i'm here..alwayz waiting 4 u..
sebagaimana abg pergi..
seperti itu lah abg balk..
i dont want anything else..
only u..

meskipn xde sorang pon yg akn faham..
syg ttp akan tunggu abg..
tunggu, tunggu dan terus tunggu hingga abg pulang semula pada syg..

my dear,
u've promise to fulfill of with me..
syg akn cuba sedaya upaya syg utk tunaikan hajat kita yg ini..
i know..
n u know..

i love u so much abg..
i do LOVE U..
n u know that..
i really3 do..

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