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Friday, February 12, 2010

hai sumerrr org!!!!



salam alaik wat semua org2 yg mnjadi pembaca yg setia, kurang setia dan x setia..

what so ever..

sgt lm da xupdate neh..
sgt windu sama ini blog oke?
i just want to drop by for a while here..

to share something with all of u guys..

owh, yes..
mr fiancee is not around
he's somewhere else..
last time i got his msg, he was at korea..
owh, sgt lm sy rs die disana..


i do missing him..
since i already start new job here..
at KL..
i dont hv enough time to drop here even though for a while..
but 2day..
sy..mencurik tulang..

dear all my friends who getting married this coming february..
happy wedding day!
i wish o can b there to celebrate it too..
but it's depends on situation..
my bro want to borrow my car..
may i couldn't go to ur wed my friends...



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