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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Salam alaik..
actualy xtau nk tulis ape..
but when i'm start write something,
then automatically my hand know what 2 write here?
Am I rite? dont know..

After few days left Scicom Academy
this late evening, i just got a call from Scicom agent; Sheren..
she said i have to attend the interview that arranged for me
heh, i already know about that
so, what company?
where the venue of interview?

once again
at the same place
still under scicom
eventhough not under scicom academy
but still under MSC company
owh, nevermind..
as long as i got the job..
but they are outsource company
if i get the job, i will absorbed into Air Asia project
isk...crictical gak ni..

once again,
as long as i have a job..

owh, this will be our class reunion after the graduation day
what a tragic day for me..i've involved in an accident on our graduation day
so pity..poor me..


lets meet at KL,
TA 1 tower guys!!
miss all of u~

b4 i close..
share my fiance's news..
he rite now at Italy..

i got a msg from him..
jgn jelous eh..

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