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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dmm yg kebah?


sejak dmm ari 2,
kdg dmm, kdg chat..
what my TL said is not weird..
maybe sbb die tgk sy mcm x sehattt je manjang kot

her words;

"azri, u should know ur condition as well. do not simply swap ur off day juz bcoz u want to help them.."

ooh, sggh sy simpati dgn org ni..
kawan mtk tlg, kite tlg aje la..
i dont think it was a burden to me?
so, do not bother ok?
sy xsakit..
n even kalo sy sakt pon, ade sy amek mc?
xde kan?
so, sile jgn kecoh..

dmm sy on-off je this month

owh, my new look..
since yesterday my already chg my hair style.
cantik ke?

blow la sgt..

pape la..
janji puas ati..
n the hair stylist is malay..
so, worth la kan..

jgn kaye kan cine..
kayakn bangsa kite juge..

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