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Monday, November 30, 2009

this heartbeat..

Salam wat sumer..

hi there..
don't know ader ke x org yg nk bace blog neh..

owh, alrealdy back 2 Kuantan lor..
but we all still in the Hari Raya mode
Rahman brought cookies from his village
2 dia...

alot of assigment to be done by this week
bz mode..


back to our precious relationship...
by today..
genap la setahun suda our engagement
what i hope is still the same thing
**together with him..
for the rest of my life..**

yup..suda lima bulan die disini..
ape lagi..
the time is come..
he need to go to the his precious workplace that he love so much~
*more than me ka??*

dont know la..

but still dear..
i miss u so damn much..
waiting for u till the end~



G-HaD's said...

nape rase sgt dpt mhayati kesah kamu??adakah kerna kesah sy dolu2 juge mbuat sy bgni??ermm...Azri...better u n mr T faster get marry...huuu..ill alwez pray for u dear!ameennn

ZuRaNaI said...

kak nurul kak nurul,,
sye bc blog ni..
sy kt kuantan gak tp kt uia..hii~

irzanal said...


Kami dlm proses mempercepatkan majlis kami ni..
InsyaAllah after this coming ship..
Doakan kami ekk..


hi zura..
kat UIA?
very near la dear..
akak kt Kompleks Dagangan Mahkota wat kursus ni..
jalan kaki pon smpai kat UIA 2..

hopefully dpt la jmpe kalo kite ad ms kan?


haiza-leen said...

please let kak g-had's married first....

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