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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Salam alaik..

lately tersangat la TENSION..

seriously said,
i wanted to spend most of the time in front of phone
and look at the phone..
when it gonna be ringing???


something is bothering my mind..
someone is bothering my soul..
i juz dont want to think abt it anymore
but its appear frequently recently
and its really2 bothering me..
it's really tough..

not so long ago..
i was gone for work in with unstable mind.
unstable mood as well
i was crying along the journey to get to ASTRO
i was almost crying in front of PC
i was crying when i'm on meal break
i almost scold the person who's called with unstable mood also
ape la sy ni..

i juz dont know how to share it..
and with who??
i wanted to share all this kind prob with my friend
but look like they also hv their own prob
do not burden others with ur prob..

let me keep it all with myself la..
i guess i am under pressure now
i wish i can share all this thing with him..
i couldn't...


byk hati yg nk dijaga..
smpai hati ni sendiri xterjaga..
ape la nk jadi ni...

kalo sy xmo pk ape2 ley x?
xnk wat ape2 ley x?
nk keje je cam bese..
bia campak hp ni dalm longkang..
sbb kalo hp ni ade sy asik tertunggu2 je..
his call
his msg..

its sOoOooo hard to get through the line to him
kemana kah kesabaran sy selama ni?


tolong jgn ubah sy..
tolong ajari sy utk menjadi lebih bersabar dari yg sbelom ini..
sedikit sahaja lg...

buat sahabat..
thanks on ur advice..
i will never ever betrayed our friendship

i will always keep ur words with me

"teruskan bersabar..
xrugi orang yg bersabar ni"

hanya sedikit langkah saja lg..
but this is the fatal time for both of us
i almost fail in order to maintain it

dugaaan oh dugaan..
jgn la wat sy hilang arah...
bimbing la sy kearah yg btl..
ya Allah,
pegang hati ini..
agar terus tabah menempuh dugaan..
sy lemah skrg...

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