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Friday, June 4, 2010

our wishlists!

Assalamualaikum peeps!!!

few days ago, my mak tam already call in to inform that she'll be go for Umrah 2morrow..
then she ask me if anythings that i want to order..

*silence gap*

xperlu la pk panjang2
i dont need those kind of stuffs
*makanan, tudung, kurma, zaitun, bla3..*

coz setiap kali mak tam g umrah
even we, our family never ask for that
she always bring those things here
esp air zam2

*i like it*

kali ni pemergian mak tam ke tanah suci
sy rskan istimewa..
sbb apa?

kami, *me&mr fiance* r planning for walimah

then i also hv few requests
i hope she dont mind if i ask her..

p/s: kapal kali ni mmg menduga hati btl la..terlalu lama.. T_T

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