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Monday, April 19, 2010

brite yg x gembira~

salam alaik wat suner~
da lama x update blog cyg neh..
after sedap2 tido..
around 4am
sy tersedar sbb ade lmpu liplap2..
owh, my fon rupenye
msg from him..
what he mention?
he couldnt going back from Rotterdam..
his name not included iun the list..
then, should i happy?
sok jmpe doc..
and of coz bile jmpe doc
possibility utk good news cume 5% shj..
i think all d medicine that doc gave the other day
is working,
almost 95%
dan saat ini sy mengharapkan berita gembiradr mulut doc...
amin kan uk sy ye kwn2..

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